Launched in 2019, Perdu produces the podcast De Verloren Tijd and its international sidekick Time Lost.

De Verloren Tijd

In De Verloren Tijd poets, writers, and spoken word artists are challenged to experiment with audio work. We invite authors to make a new audio poem inspired by a soundbite selected for them – poetry that doesn’t take place on the page but in your ears. In every episode, following a short introduction, the new work is presented, after which one of the podcast editors discusses the work with the author.

Time Lost

The English podcast Time Lost has a different set-up. In this podcast, international guests are interviewed about a work that has not been published or is, in whatever way, unpublishable.


Click here for all episodes of De Verloren Tijd and here for all episodes of Time Lost on To be found through Spotify and all your favourite podcast apps as well!

De Verloren Tijd and Time Lost are made possible by (a.o.) AFK (Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst) and the Dutch Foundation for Literature.