Every week Perdu organizes literary events called De Avonden [The Evenings]. The main goal of De Avonden is to encourage and pay attention to progressive literature (poetry in particular) and to explore the relationships between literature and its surrounding artistic, cultural and social developments. With progressive literature Perdu refers to literature that mostly operates outside mainstream literary life (such as poetry), to experiments from the past and present, and to literature that does not (yet) belong to the canon.


Perdu develops literary programs by inviting poets, writers, artists and critics for readings, performances and discussions. The theater offers plenty of room for experiments with both the subject and the form of the evenings. Perdu's program can be distinguished from other literary stages by its exploratory approach. De Avonden are not limited to presentations of existing work, they instead often lead to the development of new material.


The editors of Perdu together form a group of volunteers who are profoundly interested in literature and art. They are often looking for people & ideas to develop new and progressive programs. With (limited) financial resources and a beautiful location in the heart of Amsterdam they are always willing to embrace the experiment. If you have an idea for a program, please send a mail to

The current editors are Ranwa Alamsi, Alec Mateo, Asha Karami, Maxime Garcia Diaz, Jimena Casas, Ollie Paterson and Anne Bosveld.

What else

Besides De Avonden, you can also visit Perdu for other programs such as the theater text readings organised by Barbaren & co, philosophical evenings by Felix & Sofie, book presentations, discussions, theater productions and many other events ...