Space rental 

Perdu's theater is very suitable for book presentations, discussion programs, workshops, theater productions and many other cultural activities.

Our benefits:
- Especially low priced for presentations of new books of poetry
- Easily accessible with public transport (located in the city center of Amsterdam)
- One contact person who arranges everything for you

Our prices per timeslot:
- Presentations of new books of poetry: 100 euro
- Other activities: between 150 and 300 euro

Always included in the price:
- Technician
- Wardrobe
- Bar staff
- Book selling by Perdu

- Beamer 25 euro
- Piano tuning 80 euro
- Lighting plan by appointment
- Catering by appointment

Important to know:
- Capacity: due to Covid-19 max. 75 people (otherwise max. 100 people)
- Black box or white cube
- Loud music not allowed

VAT is not included in the prices mentioned above. Perdu is entitled to change the prices.

For more information, please contact Ruben Ing at

Volunteers bar:
Petra Adema, Maartje Damen, Zoë Dankert, Isabel Erisman, Daan van Haastrecht, Justus Kops, Marco van Outersterp, Erik Post, Rob Sander (coordinator), Maggy Robberegt en Eelke Bo van de Weerd

Bram Giebels