Perdu’s small publishing house focuses on translating and publishing contemporary experimental poetry mainly in Dutch. So far, Perdu has published various series of poetry bundles, among which the Atopias series, the Colours series, and the Traces series. Check out a comprehensive selection on our online bookshop.


Mop Mop Magazine

Mop Mop is a multilingual magazine aiming to circulate poetry beyond the system of writing careers, writers’ blurbs, and prizes. The first edition (2022) was edited by Cato van Schaik and Phil Baber, and featured poetry in Dutch and English by Amy De’Ath, Anne Vegter, Astrid Alben, Maria Barnas, Michael Tedja, Peter Manson, Ryan Dobran, and Verity Spott. The magazine was designed by Rietlanden Women’s Office. For this first edition of Mop Mop, they worked with material from Perdu’s archive and incorporated it into their unique design. 

Mop Mop 2 (2023) was edited by Cato van Schaik and Oliver J. Taylor. It contains work in Dutch and English by Alara Adilow, Sophie Collins, Maarten van der Graaff, Lisa Jeschke, and Uljana Wolf (translated by Sophie Seita). It is designed by Hannah Machover and Joseph Bradley-Hill.

You can find Mop Mop 1 and 2 in our bookshop or online.