Nisrine Mbarki (chairperson, Secretary Board Auteursbond and Member of Supervisory Board ILFU),

Ramy El-Dardiry (treasurer, Scientific Officer Scientific Council for Government Policy, Treasurer Stichting Utoptics),

Leo Hengst (secretary, Board member Stichting FBBK),

Naeeda Aurangzeb,

Marianne Bakker (general board member, Member of Supervisory Board Stichting BIND).

Perdu is managed according to the Board-Director model, in which the board plays a precondition setting role. This means that the board assumes a background role in determining substantive policy and focuses mainly on the preconditions that enable the realisation of activities. The duties of the board members are laid down in the board regulations. Perdu’s board members subscribe to the Cultural Governance Code.