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18 Mar at 20:00

After spending many hours in solitude writing fanfiction in her (posthu)Man Cave, 5300 year old cryodesiccated mummy DJ Ötzi 2 (her friends call her Ötza) decides to share some excerpts with a live audience.

Collaboratively developed by Levi van Gelder and Leila El Alaoui, this uncanny drag character propels herself into different universes and fandoms—from The L Word (2004) to The Hunger Games (2012)—while simultaneously rewriting her own story that has been unfairly extrapolated from scientific reconstructions as one of isolation, extinction and gluten intolerance.

Fact and fiction will blur, or even disintegrate, as Ötza will playfully switch between her multiple cultural identities and move from reading fanfiction to playfully reflecting on strands of theory, lamenting her position in the world as cryodesiccated corpse, primeval Man, scientific subject, tourist spectacle, fanfiction writer, queer individual or struggling artist in contemporary Amsterdam.

Doors open: 20.00
Start program: 20:30
Prices: Regular €10,50, Stadspas/CJP/Student: €8, Livestream: €6
English program

With: Levi van GelderMehmet Suzgunn & Alec Mateo (host)

Performance and writing by Levi van Gelder
Costume and styling by Leila El Alaoui
SFX prosthetics by Suzanne Breur
Airbrush costume by Ruperto Herrador
Soundscape by Gediminas Žygus
Funded by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.