Come Fly with Me

Stichting Perdu - Come fly with me promotiebeeld
11 Feb at 15:00 | Doors open: 14:30 Start performance: 15:00 Language: Dutch Tickets: E19,-

Just imagine:

You are on a dating app and meet a very attractive boy from abroad. What do you do? You keep him at a distance because he lives far away or you invite him for a date? Sam chose the latter. A decision that turned his life upside down. He fell madly in love and they travelled the world to see each other. They say every house has its cross, but this long-distance relationship became a very special one.

An autobiographical performance with honest stories from Sam’s personal life. A life that is not always fully understood, but then again, he still doesn’t understand much of it himself! Let this be the very food for a comical evening full of blandishments and crazy adventures. With a great desire for honesty, openness and familiarity, Come Fly With Me is a celebration of the fun and not-so- fun sides of love life.