HUMA Café met Koen Haegens: op zoek naar de verstrooide tijd

Stichting Perdu - Koen-haegens-c-dirkjanvandijk
21 Apr at 15:00 | Walk-in: 14:30 Informal chat after the event: 17:00 Tickets*: Standard: €12, Members HV €5 Language: Dutch * incl. tea and coffee at the start and in the break, and a drink afterwards.
In Dutch

In the HUMA café, someone speaks about the art of living, philosophy or current social issues once every month. On Sunday 21 April, Koen Haegens, editor at weekly De Groene Amsterdammer and author of De verstrooide tijd, among others, will speak. In this HUMA café, Haegens uses great thinkers to examine how we can waste time and how another, more intense way of dealing with the limited time we are given is possible.