Schaamte op de Werkvloer

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14 Mar at 20:00 | Walk-in from 19:30. Bar open until 23:00. Tickets: Regular €13.50, Students, Stadspas en 65+ € 11, Livestream €9. Language: Dutch.

Eric Koenen will discuss the workings of shame in organisations and how shame can get in the way of a new culture of governance and collective wisdom.

Aukje Nauta will address shame as a power source for sustainable organisations and the positive side of the shame coin. After all: if you feel ashamed, you think badly of yourself. But the fact that you are ashamed proves that you long to be a better person. That is why shame can encourage managers in organisations to make better, more sustainable choices, provided they learn to deal with shame properly.

With contributions by Elke Geurts and Luan Buleshkaj. Moderator is Christien Brinkgreve. This evening is made possible with the financial support of Stichting Educatie en Cultuur.

About the guest speakers

Eric Koenen is founder Doorwerthgroep and the Academie voor interventiekunde, among others. His publications include Samen Slim, hoe collectieve intelligentie gaat ons redden (Boom, 2020), De Atomiumorganisatie, wie piramides bouwt…krijgt mummies (Boom, 2011). In addition, he holds guest lectureships at the universities of Maastricht, Leiden and Nyenrode to make practice and science mutually nourishing. He keeps in touch with administrative reality through several supervisory boards.

Aukje Nauta is a speaker, writer and psychologist. Her latest book is called Nooit meer doen alsof. Denk je schaamte om en maak het je kracht. She has previously written management books such as Tango op de werkvloer and Anders Werken. She is associate professor of organisational psychology at Leiden University. Until 2022, she was a partner of Factor Five Organisational Development. She has worked at TNO and Randstad and was crown member of the SER for four years.

Elke Geurts (1973) writes novels, columns and stories for newspapers and magazines. She published the short story collections Het besluit van Dola, Korstjens (2008) and Lastmens (2010/2015) and the novels De weg naar zee (2013), Ik nog van jou (2017) and Wie is die vrouw? (2022). It earned her nominations for, among others, De Gouden Boekenuil, the BNG Literature Prize and the Anna Bijns Prize.

Luan Buleshkaj is a word artist in the broadest sense of the word and an established name in the spoken word scene in the Netherlands. The born and raised Amsterdammer with Kosovar-Albanian roots previously made a name for himself as a battlerapper (L-Deep) at the platform ‘Punchout Battles’. Since Luan’s entrance in the poetry world, he has performed on many renowned stages in the Netherlands. Luan is known for his wordplay, language inventions, rhythm and powerful readings.