The Sex of Thinking

Stichting Perdu - 2023_01_27_thinkingsex_facebook kopie
03 Feb at 20:00 | Prices: Regular €10,50, Stadspas/CJP/Student: €8, Livestream: €6 English program

What is the sex of thinking but a cut in the gush of language, a gash that marks the unrest of any aggrieved locution of being? If sex names the stutter in our makeup, then sex’s thinking stages the sine qua non of misreading as the only erotics, such jubilation. To think is to thank the poeticity of the narrow missteps of the mouth. Are you romantically invested in the word’s lack of integrity? Is your devotion to the breakup of syllables?

The Sex of Thinking is an event of performative readings, video and sound work by Valter Torberg, Weronika Wojda, Olamiju Fajemisin, Rick Geene, Thomas Grommers, and Monique Todd of the MA Critical Studies at Sandberg Instituut.

Valter Tornberg (born in 1991, Helsinki), lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Through becoming immersed in contingent ecological figurations and worldings, from pre-historic phenomena to digital technologies, Tornberg’s works speculate on ambiguities that can suggest more complex imbrications and alliances. Tornberg graduated from Gerrit Rietveld Academie (NL) and has recently exhibited at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (NL), Het HEM (NL), Forum Box (FI), and Kunsthalle Turku (FI).

Weronika Wojda has completed a BA in Philosophy at the University of Warsaw and is currently completing an MA in Critical Studies at the Sandberg Institute. Wero is interested in fashion.

Olamiju Fajemisin is a writer and editor based in Amsterdam.

Rick Geene is a swimmer with an affinity for the unintentional, the extimate and the fecundity of failure. They work with text, sound and moving images to keep and perform emotional archives.

Thomas Grommers is a writer from the Netherlands working in text and readings.

Monique Todd is a London-born writer based in Amsterdam.