30+30 Dichtersmarathon 2024

Stichting Perdu - 2023_01_30_dichtersmarathon_email
16 Feb at 19:30 | Walk-in from 19:00. Language: Mainly in Dutch and English. Tickets: Regular: €12.50, Student/Stadspas/CJP €10, Livestream €6.
On Friday 16 February, we’re pulling open a can of poets, as per tradition. Every year Perdu organises the ultimate cross-section of Dutch-language poetry: no fewer than 30 poets in 3 hours, only interrupted by one break, not by announcements or bibliographical information. An intense stream of pure poetry, fired at the listener who stumbles out of the room afterwards as if awakened from a wonderful fever dream, urgently in need of a beer, a visit to the toilet and the purchase of at least five new collections by poets you have just heard. This is the marathon, and a poetry lover wouldn’t miss it for anything!
We invite a range of poets in the broadest sense, and each speaker will read two poems from their own oeuvre and one by a foreign colleague. From poetry to music, from big names to rookies, from inscrutable experimentation to swinging slam: you’re welcome to a grand tour of the contemporary poetry landscape.
Nowhere else will you see and hear so many different forms of poetry and nowhere else will you get so many poets for your money. Reserve a place quickly because the Poetry Marathon often sells out fast! Can’t be there? Then you can also buy a ticket for the livestream, which can be watched up to a week after the programme.
Alara Adilow
Osama Alloush
Maria Barnas
Yousra Benfquih
Sophia Blyden
Gershwin Bonevacia
Anne Bosveld
Laura Broekhuysen (video)
Anne Büdgen
Omar Dahmani
Egan Garr
Erik Jan Harmens
Erwin Hurenkamp
Thirza van Kampen
Çağlar Köseoğlu
Hannah Chris Lomans
Yannick van Puymbroeck
Liza de Rijk
Michiel Ris
Betül Sefika
Joshua Snijders
Susan van Veen
Lotte Velvet
Anne Marijn Voorhorst
Nadia de Vries
Samuel Vriezen (piano)
Han van Wieringen
Levina van Winden
Kira Wuck