Beate Roessler on autonomy: How do I live a fulfilling life?

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16 Jun at 15:00 |
doors open 14:30 with informal discussion at 17:00 | tickets:* regular €12, HUMA-members €5 | language: Dutch
In Dutch

We assume in liberal democratic societies, that we can more or less determine our lives ourselves, together with others. Autonomy is always relational and is also often in tension with the conditions under which we live: social, work-related, political, economic.

In this HUMA café, Beate Roessler wants to talk about these tensions, look at possibilities and dilemmas, and also ask whether the political changes we are currently experiencing in the Netherlands have or should have consequences for our personal autonomy. Is the life we lead really the life we want to lead ourselves?

Beate Roessler is professor of Philosophy, in particular ethics and its history, at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Amsterdam. She has published widely on ethical, social and political topics. Her most recent book is Autonomie, een essay over het vervulde leven.

Organised by: Humanistisch Verbond Amsterdam Amstelland