Juliet Speaks: on Desire Adaptation & Play

Stichting Perdu - Juliet speaks
13 feb om 15:30 | Free entrance but: limited spots available so be in time door open: 15.15 show starts at 15:30 language: English Organized by: Amsterdam Centre for Studies in Early Modernity

In a short lecture on Juliet’s
“Gallop Apace” soliloquy from Shakespeare’s
Romeo and Juliet, Dr. Kristine Johanson (English
Language & Culture, UvA) will discuss how
remarkable both the speech is in articulating early
modern female sexual desire and the play’s
adaptation history that has often ignored it. The
talk will be followed by Johanson’s short
experimental play Juliet Speaks (first performed at
De Nieuwe Anita in 2015), which stages new
versions of the monologue that respond to
contemporary feminist concerns about what
women can and cannot speak or feel, and how
their desires are represented in the public sphere